July 12, 2019

Hola Holidays!

Hola Hols Blog

It's officially holiday season! Whether you're hitting the beach or pitching a tent we have a few must-haves for your suit case to make sure you are travel-ready. 

Leave the day-bag at home and pick up a fabulous bag that's tote-ally amazing! There's plenty of designs to choose, from the cute to the cultured. Wander through Moomin Valley with a the Moomin Shopper and let David Shrigley send you happy thoughts via the Vibes Market Bag. You can't beat our classic North Sign Tote for when you make that morning dash to the shop for breakfast essentials. 

Moomin Shopper Vibes Market Bag bu David Shrigely

Jo Pink is a genius... the author of this book titled "Are We There Yet" has packed full of games to play in the car whilst en route to your exciting destination. Games include Pub Cricket, Red Car and Aggressive Carrot - we have no idea what this is either but it sounds way more interesting than I Spy.

Panda Pencil Case (check), Rainbow Squishy Notebook (check), Pocket Colouring & Games (check), Magic Colouring Pens (double check). Creating an entertainment pack for the kids? The Pocket Colouring Games and activities will keep the kids entertained, the pencil case will keep everything tidy and in one place - sort of - the notepad is great for doodles on the go and the Magic Pens - well who doesn't love colour changing pens :) 



Let's dance! Yes these cute, portable, Dancing Animal Speakers, get their groove on and boogie on down to your favourite tunes. Simply hook them up to your bluetooth and watch them bust a move. Find your dancing companion...