Eat, Slay, Love

If food is your language of love, it doesn't have to stop at, well, food. We have foodie inspired gifts for all the loved ones in your life that will last beyond the 14th February. That's the gifts, not the loved ones.
Dunked UK Jammy Dodger Pin
Make More Stuff Mushy Pea Chippy Tea
Dunked UK Bourbon Biscuit Earrings
Gravy Heart T-Shirt
Gravy Pin Badge
Stuart Gardiner Pairing Red Wine With Food Tea Towel
Dunked UK Jammy Dodger Decoration
Chippy Tea Pin Badge
Stuart Gardiner Grill Power Oven Mit
Dunked UK Jammy Dodger Earrings
Dunked UK Cookie Decoration
Dunked UK Custard Cream Decoration
Dunked UK Nice Pin
Dunked UK Bourbon Pin
Dunked UK Custard Cream Earrings
Fish Mini Storage Tins
Dunked UK Digestive Pin
Dunked UK Pink Iced Gem Pin
Dunked UK Custard Cream Pin
Dunked UK Cookie Earrings
Dunked UK Pink Wafer Decoration
Can of Golden Syrup Risoprint