Planet Pop(ular)!

Here at Baltic Shop, we embrace the quirky when it comes to games, homewares and Christmas decorations, especially when they represent the icons of music, film and art. Take a gander at our collection of pop culture inspired gifts and show your passion of your favourite personality this Christmas.
Cody Foster & Co Kevin McCallister Bauble
George Michael Tea Towel
Ziggy Stardust Jean Genie Bauble
Bold and Noble Aladdin Sane Tea Towel
Prince Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Bob Dylan Tea Towel
Bjork Tea Towel
Chattyfeet Eltoe John
Kurt Cobain Tea Towel
Kurt Cobain Bauble
Andy Warhol Bauble
Bold & Noble Harry Styles Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Stevie Wonder Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Tina Turner Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Dolly Parton Tea Towel
Cody & Foster Venus Bauble
Cody Foster & Co Salvador Dali Bauble