The Great Indoors!

Yes, fresh air is lovely, but so is your haven of a home. And we have gifts and homewares to make you feel the benefit of being without actually needing to be outside. Control the temperature, lighting and bug count within your four beautiful walls while also enjoying nature in all its glory!
Another Studio Orangutan Plant Animal
Felt Miniature Plants (All Six)
Houseplants Bookmarks
Felt So Good Potted Herbs
Petra's Garden Twenty Prints
Felt Sunflower Decoration
Aubergine Seeds A4 Risograph Print
Felt So Good Daffodil Plant
Felt So Good Chilli Plant
Studio Wald Pot Screens Lifestyle Shot
Studio Wald Plant Hanger
The Joy of Weeds
Herboo Kitchen Garden Grow Box
Felt So Good Pink Cactus
Twenty Birds Garden Birds Tea Towel
Printer Johnson Fungi A3 Print
Studio Wald Flower Shaped Press Green
Felt So Good Purple Tips Plant
Plant Punch Needle Kit
Felt Orange Bloom Plant
Herboo Cottage Garden Grow Box
Stuart Gardiner Bee Friendly Tea Towel