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Explore our collection of prints, editions and posters from artists such as George Shaw, north based studios such as Wald and Or8Design, US illustrators Kozyndan, and cool music prints by Dorothy and Long Player. Shop and buy affordable contemporary art online today. Alternatively call us on 0191 440 4947 or email to discuss any of our prints, editions or posters or if you have shipping enquiries. BALTIC Shop also offers the Own Art Scheme! Shop prints online today.

Studio Wald Blue Iris Print
Max Machen La Fleurs Print
Max Machen Les Alpes Print
Max Machen Wakey Wakey Print
Max Machen Throw Shapes Print
Max Machen Coffee Diver Print
Printer Johnson Fungi A3 Print
Printer Jackson Money Tree Print
Baltic by Day A3 Print
Baltic By Night A4 Print
Grey's Monument A3 Print
Spanish City A4 Print
The Cumberland Arms A4 Print
Tyne Bar A4 Print
Atomhawk Baltic Bee Print