£20 to £30

When you spend between £20 and £30 online with BALTIC you'll be amazed at the quality and range of the gifts available. We have everything from Kozyndan posters to animal head homewares! Browse our range of gifts between £20 and £30 and buy online today.
It's Grim Up North Print
Custom Made Curve Earrings
Max Machen Coffee Diver Print
Max Machen Throw Shapes Print
Max Machen Ping Pong Print
100 Manga Artists
Modern Manga Tarot
Vivienne Westwood
Mul BALTIC Tote Bag
Sarah Joy Jewellery Mismatched Circle Stud Earrings Coral Red/Mustard Yellow
Eletrick Sheep Tote Bag
Frida Kahlo Tropical Cup With Parakeet
Wolf and Moon Watermelon Pin
Moomin Love Make Up Bag
Frida Kahlo Fruit Scarf
Artist Bingo
A Weathered Penny Chunky Gold Bracelet
The Art of Darkness